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Caracalla Bust

Price:   $390

Height 26 inches
Weight 95 lbs
Estimated shipping weight 125 lbs

A very striking life-sized bust of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, commonly known as Caracalla (pronounced "Karkal"), for the Gallic tunic he regularly wore. What is really interested about this bust is that is was mis-identified by the Italian maker as being a bust of the orator and statesman Cicero, with the name "Cicerone" molded into the base and clearly visible. While Cicero was one of the most noble figures in Roman history, Caracalla was one of the most brutal. After his father Septimius Severus died, leaving the empire to his two sons, Caracalla murdered his more popular brother Geta in 212 and ordered a general massacre of Geta's followers and sympathizers. He thus ushered in a reign infamous for cruelty and bloodshed. While leading an expedition in Asia, Caracalla was murdered by Macrinus, who succeeded him. Possibly his only lasting contribution are the famous baths he had constructed that are named in his honor.

Cast from Carrara marble in Borgo san Giacomo, Italy.

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