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Ulysses Bust

Price: $150

Height 15 inches
Weight 75 lbs
Estimated shipping weight 105 lbs

Ulysses (Odysseus to the Greeks) was King of Ithaca and husband of Penelope. A leader of the Greek army during the Trojan War, he was renowned (as told in the Iliad) for his cunning strategy and his wise counsel. Ulysses was the mastermind behind the famous "Trojan Horse".

He had the Greek army build a wooden horse inside of which he and nineteen other soldiers could fit. When the Greek warships retreated from Troy but left the horse behind, the Trojans thought that it was a peace offering. The people of Troy brought it through the gates of the city. Late that night, Ulysses and the nineteen soldiers came out of the wooden horse and let the newly arrived Greek army in through the gates. The Greeks burned down Troy and saved Helen, but Ulysses still had a long journey ahead of him to return home to his beloved Penelope. Ulysses's return from Troy (as told in the Odyssey) took ten years and was plagued by perils and misfortune. The story of his travels also forms the basis for the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".

Cast from Carrara marble in Borgo san Giacomo, Italy

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